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Jolie Holland and Her Band
Jolie Holland and Her Band

The Kerouac Center at UMass Lowell welcomes Jolie Holland, Louis Menand, Gish Jen, and others (including films by Andy Warhol) to the biennial Kerouac Festival in October. Read more




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In October: The Kerouac Festival in Lowell with Louis Menand, Jolie Holland, Andy Warhol, Gish Jen, and others. Read more
In September: Professor Todd Tietchen discusses editing The Haunted Life at UMass Lowell, 9/22, 2:30, O'Leary 222, South Campus.


Born Jean-Louis Kerouac, Kerouac is the most famous native son of Lowell, Massachusetts. His parents had immigrated as very young children from the Province of Quebec, Canada, and Kerouac spoke a local French Canadian-American dialect before he spoke English. He was a football star at Lowell High School and upon graduation in 1939 was awarded a scholarship to Columbia University. However, after an injury sidelined him on the football team, Kerouac grew unhappy with Columbia and dropped out of school. During this period in New York City, Kerouac became friends with the poet Allen Ginsberg and the novelist William S. Burroughs, as well as Herbert Huncke and others who would be associated with the “Beat Generation.” Read more »

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